About Us

Our company appeared on the Polish market already in the nineties. For years, we have been scrupulously following the idea rooted in the founder of the company, which states that we are able to satisfy every customer with reliable operation and high-quality products. The roots of the owner P.G. Ali Baba reach as far as the Ebal and Gerizim mountains, between which one of the largest Palestinian cities – Nablus – is located. Part of the city teeming with colors, smells and sounds has forever inscribed in the company’s history, enriching it with traditional flavors of Arab culture. Oriental flavors combined with experience, appropriate market analysis as well as the requirements and valuable suggestions of our customers have allowed us to gain the leading position in the production of kebabs in the country.

The production plant has implemented a food safety management system – HACCP, which, thanks to stringent hygiene and production requirements, ensures the safety of our meat products. We have modern equipment and an integrated cooling system; shock and storage freezer, which gives us a guarantee to ensure appropriate conditions for the products to be fresh and of the highest quality.